The Venue

It is one of the most historic buildings of Athens, recently restored to become a place for entrepreneurship and to host the ACCI Incubator, a modern, helpful and dynamic center of support for start-up and young entrepreneurs.
The building is also of architectural interest, while its trademark is the big stained glass with the Mercury on the facade. It was built in 1928 on a plot of 320m2. and consists of five floors of a total surface of 1.720 square meters and was designated in 1982 by decision of the Minister of Culture as a work of art requiring special protection because it is a remarkable and representative example of the late Neoclassic period of the first decades of our century. Of particular architectural interest is the simple and symmetrical layout of the face, which incorporates remarkable individual morphological elements, such as stained glass, the pilasters of the floor with capitals, over which a full entangle is formed, as well as the relief decorations. The interior of the building is of interest in the perfectly rational layout of the spaces and in the neoclassical morphological elements. “
ACCI was housed in this building until the late 1980s, when it was moved to it’s new headquarters of Academy Street. The building was afterwards rented to shelter “Atheneum” for about a decade, where the Maria Callas International Competition was held.

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