Vasileios Bellis

General Manager -ANKA SA

Vasileios Bellis is a Chemistry Engineer. He has worked in industry for the first 8 years of his professional career. Since 1990 he has been working in Development Karditsa (AN.KA SA) of which he is General Manager. He is actively involved in the formation of the modern cooperative movement of the Prefecture of Karditsa. It is particularly concerned with the collective use of local resources such as Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and especially biomass. He is a member of the Energy Cooperative of Karditsa (ESEK), as well as of the no profit Organization “Oikosphera”. He has been actively participated in the establishment of the Credit Cooperative of Karditsa, which transformed in a Cooperative Bank. He has been systematically involved in the creation and support of the local “Karditsa Cooperation Ecosystem”. He, also, is a member of the Forum of Social Entrepreneurship and the People’s University of Social Solidarity Economy “UnivSSE Coop”. During the last years he participates, actively, in the establishment of the first Greek educational platform in the field of Social and Solidarity Economy.

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