Thanasis Navrozoglou

CEO, Natech SA

Thanasis Navrozoglou is the President & CEO of Natech S.A. identified as one of the top 30 financial software providers globally.

Possessing a BEng from University of Patras and MBA from Manchester Business School in the UK, runs Natech with the vision to enable everyone become a Banking service provider utilizing technology in the banking sector. His focus on Banking, started as undergraduate student where he participated in the development of Core banking systems for credit unions and on his Thesis while devising algorithms in Loan Scoring.

Thanasis is challenge oriented and enthusiastic about the technology. His experience spans through various positions, from application Development and Data analysis to Project Manager and later to more Executive Roles at Natech and other technology driven companies.

Thanasis focuses in innovation to provide cutting-edge sustainable solutions, as well as in his two children and his family.

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